Best moments of Orthodontic Pg convention 2020

The national orthodontics PG convention was held in Hyderabad on 21/2/2020. Around 40-60 colleges participated in the quiz preliminary round with 2 teams for each college and each team consisting of 3 students.
SRM team consisting of Dr. Prince, Dr. Aravind and Dr.Nishanth got selected for the final round of quiz along with the teams from Tamil Nadu government dental college and hospital, Sri ramachandra dental college and Narayanan dental college.

The final round of quiz had 10 rounds based on history of indian orthodontic society, basic science, picture based round, clinicals,recent advancements and general knowledge.
Admist heavy competition SRM team was consitently ahead of the other teams and the quiz competition concluded with SRM team leading by 40 points ahead of the second place hence taking the first place of quiz in PG convention 2020-2021 winning the prestigious Dr.D.V.Nandakumar memorial quiz award.